MDX Technologies

An Environment that is connecting Creative, Professional Experts

We are a Ontario based  IT,  Healthcare Consulting & Education firm; deeply rooted in analytics, financial solutions, and  healthcare research.

We are the change enablers who will help you to cut through the "digital disruption" and operationalize your carrier with right education & certification to enhance your growth.

We accelerate innovation, overcome competition, and improve patient care outcomes by increasing the speed of delivering IT projects.

Our core IT services includes:

* Managed IT (development and support services)
* Data Analytics & Machine Learning (Core Application Development)
* Medical Droids
* Caselaw (related to medical practices), case management system support (Core Application Development)
* Business Analysis and System Design
* Specialized Application Development

From concept to reality, we prepare individual solutions for better tomorrow.  


Virtual Patient Encounters Students interact with virtual patients in a comprehensive patient encounter from history to diagnosis to management plans.

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Under our clinical practicum stream, we provide artificial cadavers with capabilities and abilities to exhibits 200+ symptoms and illness for students, scientists and medical staff to practices.

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Clinical Practicum Symptom to Diagnosis Immerse year 3 and 4 students in the full patient experience with over 70 cases that present as symptoms with 200+ diagnostic reasoning and symptom approach videos. Students become more efficient while broadening their exposure to a varied number of symptoms including:

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Information Technology Managed Solutions - AI Based Specialized Applications Debelopment

Custom TeleHealth Solutions We build custom TeleHealth software solutions for the healthcare industry to deliver health services, education, and /or training remotely for efficiency and quality of care. Our solutions include patient access modules with secure messaging and push notification capabilities.

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