Train to Become Cloud Computing Engineer

The adoption of cloud computing is a high priority for business leaders across the globe in 2021 as a solution to maintaining productivity while observing stay-at-home orders. This had led to an unprecedented number of opportunities for cloud computing specialists, engineers, architects, consultants, and more! The World Economic Forum identified Cloud Computing as a job cluster “consistently growing in demand.”


What is Cloud Computing?

To put it simply, Cloud Computing is the on-demand delivery of IT-resources, typically over the internet. These IT resources can range from data backup & disaster recovery, email & virtual desktops, software development & testing, data science & analytics, and web applications. Businesses love the cloud for its reduced costs, scalability, range of tools, and rapid deployment. Cloud Computing has also given rise to a myriad of business new models such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, and much more!


Market Demand

Cloud computing was already in high demand prior to the covid-19 pandemic. Since the early 2010s, CIOs have been dealing with production delays due to labor shortages in cloud computing. In the wake of the pandemic, the demand for cloud computing has jumped astronautically, as cloud adoption became monumental to adapting to “the new normal.”


About the Program

Our Cloud Computing Specialization Training enriches students with a comprehensive education in cloud technology. Throughout the course, students will participate in video lectures, solve real-world problems, and complete hands-on projects. This course is designed to help students transition into a career in cloud computing. 90% of our Cloud Computing students secure Cloud placements within 3 months of completion!


Program Syllabus

Infrastructure Foundations: Server, Active Directory, Microsoft Network Infrastructure
Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure Administration, Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS Solutions Architect, AWS SysOps Administration
Linux: RedHat Systems Administration
Automating Administration with Microsoft PowerShell Scripting
Microsoft 365 Security Administration


The MDX Technologies Advantage

We maintains a focus on both training students and, landing them their dream job. For this reason, we carefully craft our curriculums and student amenities to help us achieve this goal. Here’s what’s in it for you:

Expertly Designed Curriculum, Optimized for Canadian IT Job Market
Beginner-Friendly & Hands-On Curriculum
Access to Video Recordings of Lectures
24/7 Virtual Lab Access
Passionate, Industry-Leading Staff Members
Resume-building, Optimized for Canadian IT Job Market
Technical & Non-Technical Interview Preparation & 1-on-1 Coaching
100% Job Placement Assistance

Job Titles in Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Specialist
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Product and Project Manager
  • Cloud Services Developer
  • Cloud Software and Network Engineer
  • Cloud System Administrator & many more